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Canute Tide

The Canute Tide was first published in January 1973 and continued through until the late 1990’s. There were a few editions published in 2000 and again in 2009 and 2010.

Communication is the life blood of any organisation and the Canute Tide was an important part of the Lodge communication process before the days of e-mail, Facebook and web sites. These publications contain much humour and many interesting articles, some of which are still relevant today.

They are illustrated by the brilliant cartoons of the late W.Bro. John Cackett.

Thankfully W. Bro Don Allcock retained a full set of the issues and I am much obliged to him for making them available to share with us all. I am in the process of scanning them and publishing them here on the Canute web site. They are in numerical order, but you will see that they were not very good at keeping to the correct month back then.

Please take the time to read them. I am sure you will find them both entertaining and enlightening.

You can also download them and print them to read at your leisure. I hope you enjoy them.

Just click on the file name to open the various issues.

W.Bro. Eric Terry

Canute Tide No 1 Jan 1973 Canute Tide No 11 Jan 1975  
Canute Tide No 2 Mar 1973 Canute Tide No 12 May 1975  
Canute Tide No 3 May 1973 Canute Tide No 13 Sept 1975  
Canute Tide No 4 Aug 1973 Canute Tide No 14 Jan 1976  
Canute Tide No 5 Sept 1973 Canute Tide No 15 Mar 1976  
Canute Tide No 6 Jan 1974 Canute Tide No 16 Sep 1976  
Canute Tide No 7 Mar 1974 Canute Tide No 17 Nov 1976  
Canute Tide No 8 May 1974 Canute Tide No 18 May 1977  
Canute Tide No 9 Sep 1974 Canute Tide No 19 Nov 1977  
Canute Tide No 10 Sep 1974 Canute Tide No 20 May 1978